Tamara G.

I began working with Jasmine 2 years ago to train for a winter surf trip. I was very impressed with her knowledge of the body musculature and her initiative in creating a personalized work out routine that perfectly met my needs. Jasmine keeps the routine interesting and varied, while also being sensitive to injury prevention.  She is highly motivating and encouraging, and intuitively knows when to push me, and when to allow for a gentler approach.  I love Jasmine’s down- to –earth, holistic approach to fitness and appreciate, most of all, her philosophy that strength and beauty encompass much more than just the physical and include healthy attitudes and lifestyle practices as well.  I highly recommend Jasmine for personal training; she is a true treasure!

Suellen W.

I've  worked with a number of trainers over the years in NYC so I know what makes a good trainer and what makes a great trainer. Put Jasmine in the great trainer category. Great trainers not only know their stuff but they inspire and empower. They make you want to show up for the session because when you finish, you KNOW you've pushed the envelope...and you're proud. I started working with Jasmine in May 2016...over the course of a year I went from having a hard time doing a sit up to doing jumping jacks and many other exercises which I loved/ hated but at the end of the day, felt so proud to be able to do. This past April, I celebrated my 71st birthday in England  by walking 95 miles in six days. Jasmine's work with me made that walk not only possible, but pleasurable. Let me add that losing 10 pounds over the course of the year is also tied to a great exercise routine.

Many trainers know what they're doing and can put you through the exercises. Jasmine's gift is that she really cares about you and wants you to succeed. She measures her success by your success....and that's what makes a gifted teacher.

Savannah F.

I started working out with Jasmine 8 weeks after the birth of my second son. Jasmine allowed me to get back into exercising at my own pace while always pushing me just enough. Two months later I've regained my strength and am well on my way to achieving my goals. She has been my motivation, and I know I would not be in this great of shape so quickly without her help. She creates a workout regimen based on my personal goals and helps me stick to it even on days we are not working out together. She has a great attitude and it is always a pleasure to spend my mornings with her even when she is pushing me physically.

Sarah H.

I have had the pleasure of training with Jasmine 2-3 times a week all summer long. She is one of the best trainers I have ever had! She pushes you to do more than you think you can while encouraging you along the way. My body is probably in the best shape it has ever been in and that is all thanks to Jasmine. She also gave me a training program to follow on the days that I don't see her and that has been awesome. She is the sweetest person and while I know i'm in for a tough workout I enjoy seeing her every session! 

Theresa W.

Swimming 3x a week, running 20 miles a week, cycling the loop at least 4x a week
followed by a run....No problem!

1 TRX class will Jasmine and my ass is killing me, along with most of my other body parts!

Jasmine is always challenging me in class and puts up with my lack of coordination. :) 

Mel P.

I have been working out with Jasmine for a couple of years now! She makes working out fun and challenging using varied and unique techniques such as TRX! She is knowledgeable, motivating and can tailor a workout to meet any goals and needs of the client! Love her!