Jasmine Cruz Fitness believes that with hard work and the courage to try you can accomplish any fitness goal.


Jasmine Cruz Fitness

group fitness

If you get inspiration from training with other people, a Group Fitness Class might be just what you are looking for. Jasmine is one of Nantucket's leading personal trainers and teaches a variety of classes at some of Nantucket's best facilities all year long. Click to learn more about Jasmine's Group Fitness classes and how you can book today! 

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one-on-one Training

Want your work out to be a more personalized experience? Not to worry, Jasmine is an amazing personal trainer located on Nantucket who can come to your home gym or set up a time to meet you at the beach or gym. She will create a one-on-one work out completely tailored to you and your fitness goals! Click to book a session with Jasmine today!

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How Jasmine creates her health lifestyle.


Creating a healthy lifestyle it is not just about the 1 hour a day you spend in a fitness class or gym, it is about what you do with the other 90% of the time. It is about what you enjoy doing every day that gets you up and moving. Jasmine Cruz Fitness believes in balancing gym time with fun active time and a healthy diet to create a full picture of strength, health & wellness. See what inspires Jasmine to stay fit, active & strong every day.


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Jasmine Cruz Fitness
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Jasmine Cruz Fitness
Jasmine Cruz Fitness